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TRICARE Supplement
At GCIS, we represent a TRICARE Supplement that provides military retirees with broader benefits than your company health plan at a much lesser cost.

TRICARE Supplemental insurance is a win-win situation for your company and your employees. The Supplement is offered to military retirees as an alternative to your company-sponsored health plan.

Pursuant to DoD requirements, the Supplement is offered on a non-employer contributory basis. Thus since employers do not contribute to the cost, offering the Supplement does not increase costs to employers!

Your military retirees that opt for the Supplement will save money. Retirees currently on your company health plan will save because the premium for the Supplement is less than their cost share for your company health plan.

Retirees currently not on your company health plan will save money because premiums for the Supplement can be paid with pre-taxed dollars under a cafeteria plan. The pre-taxed benefit lowers the cost of the Supplement by about 27% for a typical military retiree!

And retirees will save out-of-pocket costs, because in most cases benefits are more comprehensive when the Supplement coordinates with TRICARE than when TRICARE coordinates with your company health plan.

With TRICARE Supplement Coverage, Everyone Wins!

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         Plan Highlights
  • Provides convenient access to a high quality TRICARE Supplement
  • Offered as an option to Military Retirees
  • Employer does not contribute to the cost, thus no cost increase to Employers
  • Employee saves Premium Dollars
  • Employees save money by using Pre-taxed dollars to pay for the Supplement
  • Benefits older Military Retirees
  • Underwritten by large nationally recognized insurance carrier
  • Over 30 years experience administering TRICARE Supplements
  • Plan is Guaranteed Issue
  • No Pre-existing conditions clause
  • Plan is Portable - can be continued at Termination of Employment (COBRA Compliant)
  • Plan covers nearly 100% of eligible charges not paid by TRICARE